Warranty and maintenance

1. Warranty
Gold Software provides warranty service of 12 months or 6 months (depends on packs) after having signed the Acceptance minute. During warranty period, clients will receive following services:

a. Troubleshooting incidents (if any)
When there is a feedback from client about any issue, we will propose solutions within a maximum of 02-04 hours (working hours).
We will implement and deploy the impairment based on the settlement in the following ways:
- Guiding users to fix errors via phone, email or online tools
- Assign staff to go directly to your place to fix the problem (depends on problem level and actual distance)

b. Supporting users to operate software:
- Support with guidance via phone, fax, email or online tools (on/offline)

c. Updating the latest version in accordance with new regulations about jewelry business (if any)
During the warranty period, every time there is new regulation relating to jewelry business,clients will be updated with the latest version with functions which are calibrated to meet these regulations.

d. Re-install the software when the computer has problem.

2. Maintenace:
After one-year warranty period, we will start provide maintenance service. Maintenance contract will be signed yearly, maintenance fee will depend on service package.
policies and regulations fỏ product maintenance

As per our actual experience, we have built the following Customers Care Procedure:
Gold_Software_Customer care serive
Even on weekends or holidays, there are technical employees on their shifts to receive requirements and support clients. When you have any question about software usage or software errors, please contact us via (08) 35088900 for support.