Premium jewelry tags GOLDTAGS

A kind of distinctive tags but can bring a premium look for your jewelry. It's GOLDTAGS!

gold tags
No more word to express...
It's outstanding tag specialized for jewelry.
It's a distinctive product but can bring a premium look for your jewelry.
Gold Tags
GOLDTAGS are made by USA high technology and material.
Product specifications:
  • Heat resistance to 120oC (248oF).
  • There is a non-adhensive area at the tail of tag
  • High quality ribbons, unremovable after washing in ultra (*)           (*): Black ribbon
  • Outstanding adhensive 

There are several colored ribbons provided by the leading manufacturer in Europe available for GOLDTAGS:
  • Black
  • Red (metallic luster)
  • Green (metallic luster)
  • Blue (metallic luster)
  • Gold
  • Silver
gold tags

* Product code GT821:
gold tags
* Product code GT1021:
gold tags
*Product code GT1221:
gold tags
* Product code GT1228:
gold tags
There are 2 reasons for you to choose GOLDTAGS: 
1.Its quality meets high standards of jewelry tags
2. After-sale service from Gold Software to give you immediate technical support 
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