Pro Gold Label

A simple and comprehensive solution for jewelry labeling with easy-to-use features

Gold Software - Pro Gold Label
A simple and comprehensive solution for jewelry labeling with easy-to-use software & many useful features.

How Pro Gold Label could help:
  • Provide so much information as you want in the jewelry tags, even the logo, adress... The jewelry tag now is printed from barcode printer, no need to write manually any more!
  • Upgrade image of your brand in customer's mind
  • Closely manage the stock (in-out-balance) in details
Devices in-need: 
  • Barcode printer: to print the label 
  • Barcode scanner: to scan the product code for inventory checking (*)
  • Laser / receipt printer : to print the invoice / receipt (if any)
  • Especially, the software is connected to digital scale (SHINKO, SARTORIUS, SHIMADZU, AND, METTLER TOLEDO, OHAUS...) to input automatically the total weight of jewelry items to software instead of manual typing. 
Required computers: 
  • Operating system: Window 7 (32 & 64 bit), Window 8 (32 & 64 bit)
  • RAM: >= 2GB
  • Chipset: >= Intel Core I3
  • HDD: >= 250 GB
  • Power: >= 350 W
Gold Software - Pro Gold Label
Gold Software - Pro Gold Label
Pro Gold Retail - Solution for jewelry labeling

Functions of Pro Gold Label: 
1. Define the list of gold type, stores / tray, staff, currency, ...
2. Label design: With Pro Gold Label, customers now can design the label for themselves, even the dimension of tags, how each element is located on such a very small tag! It is now easier than ever!
3. Data entry & labeling: input all details of jewelry items: total weight, stone weight, gold type, labour cost (if any), price... 
4. Data entry approval: by manager or shop owner to ensure the input entry
5. Modify product information: any change of product information will be modified easily and then re-print the tag
6. Inventory management: exactly tracking the in, out and stock of each gold type, tray...
7. Report / tracking: in general or detail for each gold type, tray...
8. Other:
  • System decentralization
  • Device cofiguration 
  • Database backup 
  • Live update...
There are 3 reasons to choose PRO GOLD LABEL:
1. Simpe, easy to use: Well tailored for jewelry store, Pro Gold Label is so easy for customers to use. 
2. Multiple features: Pro Gold Label is a simple product but can give you more benefits than expected. Not only print the tags from barcode printer, but it also play as an important tool to help you check closely the stocking at anytime you wish as well as help enhance your brand image by providing a professional look for your tags! New look. New ranking in customer's mind.
3. Dedicated support from Gold Software: Our after-sale service can help release all worries about "having troubles" by using software with a full young, dynamic and well-skilled team. We are now willing to be served you at the best!
Gold Software - Management solutions for jewelry industry
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