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Pro Gold Manufacture makes jewelry manufacturing easier than ever to innovate and improve virtually every aspect of your business!

Gold Software - Pro Gold Manufacture
Jewelry manufacturing could be a nightmare if not tracked properly. Pro Gold Manufacture makes things easier than ever to innovate and improve virtually every aspect of your business!
Have you ever faced these problems?
  • All jewelry designs are not saved orderly that takes a long time to search for
  • You are the owner but you have to spend most of the time flooded at normal daily work like an employee instead of taking time for another investment or family 
  • You can not control the loss at the minimum... It seems that the more you work on, the more you will lose...
  • ...
Let Gold Software help you!
Pro Gold Manufacture - Management solution for jewelry manufacture - is the right choice for you!

Devices in need: 
Required computers
  • Server: 
Operating system: Window Server 2008 R2
RAM: >= 4GB
Chipset: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1225 v3 (8M Cache, 3.20 GHz)
HDD: >= 500 GB
Power: >= 290 W
  • Client: 
Operating system: Window 7 (32 & 64 bit), Window 8 (32 & 64 bit)
RAM: >= 2GB
Chipset: >= Intel Core I3
HDD: >= 250 GB
Power: >= 350 W
The production process of jewelry manufacture: 
Gold Software - Pro Gold Manufacture

  • Closely keep tracking all production orders, even the dust at each production stage, each production order
  • Control the loss at the minimum - it is considered the key success factor at any jewelry mafufacturing!
  • Enhance productivity 
  • Reduce cost, improve margins 
  • Pro Gold Manufacture helps you to make profitable decision thanks to wide range of intelligent reports and tracking
  • Manage both sales and production as a closed circle.

1.Bill of material (B.O.M):
- Define all information related to jewelry items: metal, stone, production stage, findings...
- You can save 5 photos of design for each jewelry item

2. Production management
- Pro Gold Manufacture keeps an exact track on all findings, metal, alloy... processed throughtout the production process. In addition, even dust of each production stage is now kept tracking closely because a small amount of metal loss can put the owner out of the business. 
- Like information board at airport, any in - out updates related to all production stage can be shown briefly on LCD Tivi that helps the managers quickly capture what is going on.

3. Stock management:
- All in-out of stock now become so easily by scanning the barcode. Moreover, the software is connected to digital scale (Shinko, Satorius,Shimadzu, AND,CAS, Mettle Toledoto...) to automatically input the total weight intead of manual typing!
- Pro Gold Manufacture keeps an exact inventory of precious metals and master alloys and uses the daily market prices to calculate your inventory's present value.

4. Sales and CRM: 
- Pro Gold Manufacture helps you create accurate price quotes based on your customer classification
- It also offers many ways to contact your customers: via sms, email...
- All customers transactions and liabilities are now ready to show you at any time you wish, no need to use the calculator or note-taking any more!

5. Intelligent reporting: 
- For jewelry manufacturing, the better you control, the more profit you will gain! Pro Gold Manufacture provides a wide range of intelligent reports and trackings for your consideration on how you can control better! 

6. Advanced security: 
- Like other ERP system, Pro Gold Manufacture has been invested in building the framework and security scheme to ensure the database in the most secure condition and the best working capability. 
- Advanced system decentralization allows users to work on proper scope

With Pro Gold Manufacture, you can get more than that!
There are 3 reasons for you to choose Pro Gold Manufacture:
  • In jewelry manufacturing, only a small amount of metal lost or unaccounted for can put a smaller company out of business. Pro Gold Manufacture helps you control the loss at the minimum - it is one of key success factor of any jewelry manufacturing! The better you control, the more profit you gain!
  • Flexibility: One of the strengths of Pro Gold Manufacture is that it can be easily configuted to fit your current established process thanks to our experience on real implement to over 2000 clients (till Sep 2014) and in-depth knowledge on jewelry industry. You will not worry about "being followed" another process which was not developed for you!
  • Other features like multi-connection (barcode devices / digital scale / LCD Tivi...), multi-printing (receipt / label / minutes...) as well as advanced security are what you can find it now easy than ever for your management!
Whether you manufacture fine or fashion jewelry, findings or chains, you'll make it faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost with Pro Gold Manufacture! For over 5 years, Gold Software has been a trusted advisor to jewelry manufacturers, sales and distributors. 

Gold Software - Management solutions for jewelry industry
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